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We have a passion for helping a small business grow and expand to the heights they have been striving to reach. With over 10+ years of experience helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, solo artists, and large organizations we have learned how to help a business succeed online and realized we are most passionate working one-on-one to learn about the owner’s goals for their business so we can help to achieve them!

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Ready to get started reaching more customers and getting your business online? Tell us a bit about your project and introduce yourself. We will contact you to talk a bit more about what you need, and then send you a project proposal to get everything started!


    Mallorie Marie

    Mallorie Marie is a wellness influencer and nutritional coach who needed a website to showcase her videos/blogs using an attractive and modern design. We created a site where she could talk about her programs, videos, blogs, and have an easy variety of contact options. We also created a sign-up for subscribers and provide them with a free ebook with signup.

    Hoosier Bathroom Remodeling

    Hoosier bathroom remodeling is a great example of our one page site package. They were looking for a website to promote and generate new business while informing people visually about the services offered and the remodeling process. We built out a timeline to help people better understand the process and created a design and content to help them convey their message and grow and succeed.

    JEP by JEP

    A clothing designer and artist in Los Angles needed a simple and modern website to sell his clothing to his social media followers and fans while providing an interesting gamification via a slot machine coupon feature to help his users save money and want to come back again. We focused on his products front and center and built a website that will allow him to grow with his work while providing a seamless process for his fans to buy his merch!

    Pennsy Trails

    A small non-profit organization based in Indiana needed a website to showcase projects to maintain and expand a walking and biking trail in the community while collecting donations to keep up the amazing work! We helped them with a custom site featuring the beautiful images captured of the trail during the fall. We added custom animations and connected their newsletter to keep them engaging with their site users.


    Hosting Plans

    We try our best to make the whole process of getting a website for your business as seamless and easy as possible. Which means we had to offer amazing hosting to our clients so that we could be sure to offer the best service even after we have developed your website! Our hosting packages are optimized to run your website perfectly and will adjust automatically to handle influxes of visitors so you never have to worry if your visitors can access your site and can focus on your business.

    Included in All Plans

    Just The Basics

    $5 per Month

    Our Just the Basics hosting plan is perfect for any small business that needs to get their information online quickly and securely, with no worries of knowing how to setup the hosting space for optimal website performance. We will help you get your website online and setup for speed and security so you don’t have to!

    Plan includes:

    All In

    $10 per Month

    Our All In hosting plan is great for businesses that have a lot of information for their online visitors or for small shops that want to start providing a small catalog of products online. We we help get everything setup and help you optimize your information and media so that your visitors can see all of your content quickly.

    Plan includes:

    Business Ready

    $20 per month

    Our Business Ready hosting plan is best for larger businesses that have lots of information, media, or products to sell online. It is also great for businesses that may have multiple websites to run under one account, allowing for a cheaper alternative to hosting each website individually.

    Plan includes:


    Site Packages

    Having an online presence for your brand is one of the best marketing tools available for a business with today’s always online lifestyle. We are here to help you develop an online brand that will showcase your business and provide all the information your customers need to know quickly and securely. We develop all of our websites with SEO in mind so that your customers can find your business on search engines.

    Included in All Plans



    Our Solo website package is perfect for a new business that is just starting out. We will get you setup with everything you need to have all of your business information online and accessible for your visitors. Your new website will be mobile friendly, optimized for search engines like Google, and ready to grow with your business.

    Plan includes:



    The Starter website package is better for an already growing business that needs to convey service information, pricing, and even a blog with multiple full pages to better organize information for your visitors to find. We will help you plan each page and optimize the text for better search engine visibility.

    Plan includes:



    Our E-commerce website package is best for businesses that want to start selling online to expand their customer reach. We will help you build a detailed website with all the information your customers will need, and then help with each product listing so you will only have to worry about which products you want online!

    Plan includes:


    Care Plans

    A website is a living document that will grow and change with your business and your website visitors. If you do not stay on top of updating website plugins and protecting against new vulnerabilities you could leave your website visitors open to viruses and other serious concerns if your website were to get attacked. Our Care Plans help you by making sure your website is always up-to-date, looking and functioning at 100%, and backed up in case of emergencies. We also offer development tasks in case you have edits or changes that you’d rather someone else perform, and consultation hours where you chat with us directly about how you can update or upgrade your website to perform better and attract more customers.



    $30 per Month

    Good for small sites that are just starting out. Your website will be backed up and we will make sure updates don’t cause any issues with your site.

    Plan includes:


    $100 per Month

    Good for those who may have a question occasionally and need a bit of help, or those who may have some small updates or a new page they want to build.

    Plan includes:


    $250 per Month

    Good for those who have a lot of site upgrades planned, small blogs, upgrading SEO for more traffic, small E-commerce store updates, or a small newsletter.

    Plan includes:

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