Growing a better website business in 2020

Growing a better website business in 2020 - Duality Development

Over the past year we have been working hard to build and refine our website development process to be able to provide the best services to our clients and help them achieve more success online. 2019 was a year of learning and adapting to new skills and nurturing a growing idea of what we wanted Duality Development to become over the next 5 years and beyond. We are excited and ready for 2020 and everything we have planned for you and our growing company!

Helping small businesses

We value the relationship that develops when creating a website together with small businesses or individuals who are looking to get their products or services online. Our years of experience working in the website development industry for small and large companies has taught us how to guide and teach business owners to use their website and all the ways it can benefit them and help grow their sales and customers with search engine optimization and regular content updates. We will continue to focus our work with small businesses this year and hope our competitive small business pricing will help new businesses get their website online to begin reaching customers.

Your website visitor’s safety

With all the advances in website technologies and the security concerns that come with them, we want to be sure the services we provide are not going to contribute to this growing internet problem, but instead make sure we provide our clients with top class hosting and maintenance service, safe from the many hacks and attacks that have been so prevalent over the past year with websites.

Business owners already have tons to worry about with managing their business and clients. That’s why we have been building up our servers to be optimized for the speed and security of WordPress websites, using leading security software to manage and analyze the traffic attempting to access your website, and blocking the bots and IP Addresses known to carry out common attacks.

Exploring and expanding

This year will be a big year for us to begin creating some of our own products that we need, but also feel like others may be able to benefit. We have a few big projects planned that will ultimately add value to our client’s projects as well as allow us to start reaching a more passive group of clients that may not need our full set of services, but have websites that could benefit from our experience as web developers. We hope that allowing time to focus on our in-house projects will keep our developers happy and creatively charged.

An exciting year ahead

We can’t wait to see how this year unfolds and which unique and fun projects we will get to work on! Our hope is to engage with our audience more this year and get a better feel for what we can do to create a company that makes us feel proud. We are always looking to work with new companies, so if you are looking to finally get your business online and start reaching more customers in 2020, contact us for a small business website and we will happily get you started!

Have a wonderful 2020 everyone!

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