Working Together During Hard Times

Working Together During Hard Times

We at Duality Development want to wish all of our clients and readers safety and good health while staying home during these difficult days to help protect our families and loved ones.

We are here to help!

Many businesses are struggling to find ways of staying in business and adapting to all the current life changes. We want to help any way we can! We are still available to our clients via Skype, or any other video chat platform that works best for you, as well as by phone or email! We are still working hard trying to keep your online presence going strong so you can focus on your business.

What can you do right now?

All the uncertainty is making it hard to know when our brick and mortar locations can and will be available to our customers again. In the meantime, it is more necessary than ever to get your business online and get up the appropriate information for your customers! Many companies are sending out emails and newsletters to their customers and loyal followers to inform of any updates to how the business will continue to function and any changes to ways customers can and should communicate with the company during this time. We can help you set up these emails and get them sent out, as well as adding a blog or notice to your website to ensure any customers that miss the email still find the information. We are offering this service FREE to any of our customers, just call or email to let us know if we haven’t reached out to you already!

What can we do to keep our business moving forward online?

We can help you set up a marketing campaign for your services or products to help you start reaching more customers online while your physical stores are closed. Or, we can work on your online presence to build your authority within your industry! Now is a great time to work all the parts of your online business that you have been putting off. Update content and design if needed to compete better with your competitors and stay up-to-date with modern website standards. Now is also a great time to focus on building your online following with new blogs, products or services, and portfolio updates. Contact us to chat about what we can do to get your website updated and gaining more traffic to help your business build more online sales!

Stay safe and continue to help your neighbors and loved ones during this time of need! Thank you, everyone!

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